Successful individuals and families have learned that investing directly in well-run companies is one of the keys to building wealth. We bring the full experience and expertise of ButcherJoseph to identify the best ways to take advantage of alternative investment opportunities.

Step 1: Access
We give you access to as broad a range of alternative investments as possible, including from our affiliate, ButcherJoseph Financial Holdings, LLC*. You can even bring opportunities to us and we’ll work with you to see if they fit into your portfolio.

Step 2: Analyze
We evaluate every opportunity for you and advise on how it fits with your broader investment objectives.

Step 3: Report
We track and report on each investment you make, and stay engaged so you have the best information you need on all your investments.

Contact Jon Curley, Chief Executive Officer, directly to talk about our Alternative Asset Advisory.


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Advisory services are offered through ButcherJoseph Asset Management, LLC, an investment adviser registered with the state of North Carolina.
All investments include risk, including the possibility of loss of principal.