ButcherJoseph Launches Wealth Advisory Division; Wall Street Veterans to Join Nancy Tengler
Firm to be broad-based but with a focus on women seeking investment advice

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Making asset management make sense.

It starts by building real relationships

We get to know our clients, and have them get to know us. We work hard to understand what’s important to them, and they get to know how we work.  We’re direct and easy to work with, and bring decades of institutional experience to managing your and your family’s investments.

Next, we work together to build a strategy

By working closely with you, we can get closer to what’s most important to you. This approach helps us understand your investment goals and objectives, so we can help you create strategies to achieve them. Because understanding your objectives isn’t just a feature or service—it’s what makes us different as an asset management firm.

Then, we focus on implementing your investment strategy, keeping costs down, and managing risk

We know that if we can keep costs down and protect your assets when markets are suffering major reversals, you get to keep more of your money. We use ETFs to keep costs down, and a sophisticated proprietary risk management algorithm to signal when markets become unstable and it’s time to get out, or when they return to stability, signaling it’s time to get back in.

And always, we’re looking for opportunities

Access to alternative investment opportunities is a key part of what we do.  We’re going to bring you direct investment opportunities we identify, and we’re always available to help you analyze opportunities that come straight to you and let you know where we think they fit in your portfolio. Then we’ll monitor and report on their status to make sure you know how they’re performing.

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